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Our services encompass the full spectrum of DevOps practices, including continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, automation, cloud services, and monitoring and analytics. We focus on optimising your software development lifecycle, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring seamless collaboration across teams.

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Cloud Education

Join our Discord community for an immersive cloud education experience. Whether you’re starting out or looking to deepen your expertise, our server is your gateway to a wealth of resources, expert knowledge, and peer discussions.

Engage in live sessions, access up-to-date learning materials, and connect with both newcomers and industry veterans. Our community is designed to support your learning journey at every step, making complex cloud concepts accessible and engaging. Join up today and start navigating the cloud with confidence!

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Cloud Consulting

Our cloud consulting services are tailored to help your business harness the full potential of cloud technologies. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, we offer personalised consulting that aligns with your unique business needs.

From developing strategic cloud initiatives to optimising your existing infrastructure, our expert consultants are here to guide you through every stage of your cloud journey. Let us help you reduce costs, enhance scalability, and improve performance, transforming your cloud environment into a powerful asset for business growth.

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Cloud Projects

Step into the world of cloud with hands-on experience by joining our cloud projects program. Ideal for individuals aiming to strengthen their resumes and land roles in the cloud sector, our projects provide practical experience in designing, deploying, and managing cloud solutions.

Work on real-world tasks and build a portfolio that showcases your skills to potential employers. Each project is designed to challenge you while providing meaningful insights into the workings of cloud technologies in various industries.

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Mock Interviews

Ace your next job interview with our mock interviewing service. Scheduled at your convenience, our mock interviews are conducted by industry experts familiar with the latest trends and requirements in the cloud sector.

Receive constructive feedback on your performance, insights into improving your responses, and tips on handling interview pressure. This personalised preparation is crucial for anyone looking to make a strong impression in the cloud industry. Book your session today and gain the confidence to succeed.

WhoWe Are


At WeDoDevOps, our mission is to help individuals and businesses navigate the evolving DevOps landscape with confidence. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals, each with years of experience in DevOps, SRE, and Platform Engineering. We are passionate about sharing our expertise and helping you thrive in the fast-paced world of technology. We have partnered with numerous organisations, aiding them in adopting best practices, and many of our individual clients have successfully secured rewarding roles in the industry.

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Our commitment to excellence in DevOps has enabled us to build strong partnerships, helping our clients achieve remarkable efficiency and innovation in their software development and operational processes. We take pride in delivering customised solutions that drive success and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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